Established quality, product innovation, market modeling, and domination of the domestic market are the synonyms associated with Vitaminka. Today Vitaminka is the largest producer in the country’s food industry, but the growth and development of the company have been going on continuously for almost 70 years during which the company has developed and placed more than 400 different packages in over 20 categories, including spreads, sauces, soups, spices and food supplements, cooking oil, instant drinks, flips, chocolates, and a wide range of sweets. At the same time, Vitaminka is continuously working on breaking into world markets, so the company is currently present in over 30 countries around the world with 47% of its production. In the markets with different consumer characteristics, Vitaminka competes exclusively with the quality of its products, the unique branding, and the extensive program of different categories. It exports almost all of its products with the dominance of the chocolate program, the chocolate shells Atlantis, Stobi Flips, Choco Stobi Flips, Cevitana, mayonnaise Vitanez, the soft cookies Frutti, the integral cookies Despina.

With its large portfolio, Vitaminka covers a large part of the domestic market with a wide presence and availability of products at any time and in any home.

Aiming to be more competitive, the company has reached separate program licensed product agreements with DC Comics and Looney Tunes.

To adapt to new nutritional trends and production practices, Vitaminka has implemented the most advanced standards, which is ISO certified for quality and holds the certificate of Halal standard.

Today it continues on its path to creating high-quality products that expand the world of flavors created by Vitaminka, and the leading position in confectionery and constant presence among the most successful and largest in Macedonia, Vitaminka builds based on its strongest values, guaranteeing top and constant quality.


Address: Lece Koteski 23, 7500 Prilep, R. North Macedonia

Procurement Department:

+389 48 407 429

+389 48 407 448