Uhura Solutions

Uhura is a low-code AI platform that reads and understands contracts and agreements just as humans do. The platform addresses manual processing of documents, an important challenge that companies regularly face. The platform is bringing contract intelligence to the masses by enabling companies to engage in sophisticated automation such as document understanding and develop their own AI solutions without technical knowledge. Our clients measured a 95% faster processing time and 85% reduced operating costs when a business process performed by a full-time equivalent human is replaced or augmented by an AI. Uhura Solutions has been recognized as a Major Player in Contract Intelligence in the Markets and Research global contract intelligence market growth 2020-2025 report.

Unlike our competitors, we have developed a horizontal low-code platform that enables clients to develop their own industry-specific contract intelligence solutions, with no programming knowledge. The low-code approach creates a competitive advantage, making the platform completely ‘tailorable’ for individual clients, offering flexibility and customization that many businesses are looking for. This is a unique approach on the market, that can cover a wide breadth of the market through multiple industries.


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