The mission of our business is to use our knowledge and benefits from nature, such as bee products and medicinal plants and offer our customers the final product on a completely natural basis, whether it is care, prevention, nutrition and health. Bees offer us different types of products, such as honey, propolis, wax, royal jelly and each of them is rich in medicinal substances that more than match the chemical substances of the same purpose. Medicinal plants, free-growing and wild or cultivated. As lovers and admirers of nature, our mission has been and remains to merge these two indivisible fields, beekeeping and cultivation and collection of plants and their integration into a product that has its application in modern medicine. An important part of our entrepreneurship is the training of those interested in the field of medicinal plants and its collection, cultivation and processing, as well as raising awareness of environmental protection and the importance for the survival of life on earth.


Address: Tarla bb, Bosanska Krupa 77 240, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mob: +387 61 982 412

E-mail: biljna_apoteka@hotmail.com