TIKT MANUFAKTURA d.o.o was founded in 2004 with the focus on production and sale of specialized metal parts and prototypes for EU automobile and machinery and equipment industry which request highest possible standards in term of quality, support and timely delivery

Main scope of business: milling, turning, grinding, assamble of assamblies

Other technologies involved: surface treatment, welding

Typical product volumes per series: average 1-5000

Product complexity (low, medium, high): high

Range of products and/or services: development and production of prototypes and metal parts in limited series

Machines and equipment: CNC milling 5; 3; 4 axes; CNC turning; CNC flat grinding

Metrology and inspection devices: CNC controled measuring,; 3D measuring machine; altimeter, surface roughness measuring tool; other manually operated measuring and control tools

Own design products: wheel rims; clamps, car suspension parts

Management Systems: ISO 9001; ISO 14001 and EN 9100 standard in preparation

Main customers / references: Schmoll Maschinen; Mimatic, Kessel, Sab, Binder, Porsche Motorsport, HWA, Bilstein Motorsport, ZF Race, Rimac Automobil

Own transport: We possess our own vehicle fleet of 4 vans

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TIKT Manufaktura d.o.o

Kozinci bb

78 400 Gradiška

Kontakt osoba:

Mirjana Ćirić Steneberg

tel.: +387 51 870 028

mob.: +387 65 852 199

e-mail: mc@tikt.de

Internet: www.tikt.de