Thing Solver

We have developed our own proprietary platform Solver AI Suite. It deals with clients’ problem of gathering and preparing data from multiple sources, understanding their users/customers and engaging them in a hyper-personalised way. The platform solves these problems by applying relevant micro-products which constitute the platform. These micro-products are:

  1. Solver Atlas – mix of services which allows clients to securely connect, Authenticate, Authorize and Audit API’s in Cloud Native way.
  2. Profile Studio – enables 360 degree view of the user/customer, regardless of the data source.
  3. Audience Studio – enables the client to create ANY kind of audience in 5 simple clicks.
  4. Campaigning Studio – light campaigning tool which enables the clients to engage with their users in an omni-channel way.
  5. Forecast Studio – enables forecast of any time-series based data.
  6. AI Models – recommender models, customer lifetime value, churn, anomaly, process mining etc.

We add true business value through significantly higher conversion rates, average order/purchase values and sizes of basket.

We differentiate vs. the competition with higher product modularity, business rather than pure tech focus, open source tech stack and ease of integration.”


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