Syncit Group

Product name is Athena Search (IF ID 2011). The problem that we solve with our product is overcoming the disadvantage of most eCommerce platforms which have very poor product search, which is reflected in the inaccuracy of the search, displaying irrelevant results, as well as poor User Interface, which results in customer dissatisfaction and poor User Experience. All this leads to reduced sales, conversions, and ultimately reduced store profits.

Users have a harder time deciding to buy from such a store as well as to return to it. Athena Search is a smart and powerful search engine and its main features are customizable autocomplete, feature-rich dashboard, smart predictions, real-time reports and simple integration with multiple eCommerce platforms thanks to open API calls. It provides the best and most relevant search results for eCommerce stores and unique search experiences for loyal customers.

Software solutions like Klevu, Searchspring, and Hawksearch have similar features as Athena Search, but a much more complex Dashboard that makes it hard for new users to cope with. Athena’s Open API services and extensions for Magento, WordPress, and WooCommerce allow very simple integration with eCommerce stores.

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