Craft activity “SmartLab”

In early 2017, as a result of long-term efforts to unite the services we provide into the concrete strategy that will not only be more helpful for the company but also socially useful to contribute to the development and modernization of educational systems in companies, we created Smart COD. This comprehensive solution consists of three main categories in which we have included a wide range of different opportunities and services we provide, and from which the acronym “”COD”” has emerged:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Primarily intended to maintain the company’s socially accountable status. Through specialized courses made from scratch, we educate our clients to be fully socially responsible.
  2. Onboarding – We develop various software and multimedia solutions regarding onboarding processes in companies that make it easier for new employees to integrate into the workflow they will perform.
  3. Dedicated professional courses – Precise educational modules that companies use to instruct their employees in their most important duties in performing the work they do and everything that is considered part of their expertise. Using advanced technology.
    Smart COD deals with various kinds of obstacles and potential problems that can slow down the business processes, education, and successful results of the company. What sets it apart and distinguishes it from others is the excellence, high quality, and uniqueness we insist on when it comes to designing courses.


Bulevar Meše Selimovića 81A,

+387 33 956 222

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