Sirmium ERP

We are a small IT company that is mainly focused on ERP (Enterprise resource planning) software for development, automatization, and warehousing. Our primary focus is agriculture, meat, and food production. In the meat production process, there are several challenges. The most important are food traceability and food safety. Our ERP software will push production in abattoirs to satisfactory food traceability. We have lots of experience in software development, automatization, and warehousing. Our software solutions are used in several countries. First of all, we are oriented towards Serbia, where we are stationed. Our ERP software is already working in several abattoirs, and we constantly receive new orders. We are finishing software for warehouse management that will use a company from Bulgaria and its logistic center in Serbia. We mostly solved traceability problems in abattoirs with barcodes and QR codes, but now we are trying to push that at a higher level with NFC and RFID tags, with combination of blockchain technology. Our main goal is to achieve transparent Farm to fork program, where consumers can see origin of product that they baying.


Radojke Vitasovic 11,
Sremska Mitrovica

+381 64 1657 661

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