Šampinjon union

The company SAMPINJON UNION was registered in 2012 as a family company and since then it has been guided by these principles in business:

  1. Responsibility both in production and in relation to customers and suppliers
  2. Domestic approach to business
  3. Adaptation to new standards and market requirements of both domestic and foreign

Since its establishment, SAMPINJON UNION have recorded constant sales growth, conquering new markets and raising the capacity and base of goods, introducing new products and today we have a range of products that are rarely in one place.

We are engaged in the production of:

  1. Oyster
  2. White mushrooms
  3. Brown mushrooms

We supply over 100 clients and we can boast that we have not lost a single customer to date, which speaks of our commitment to success and desire to meet the various requirements of the market.


Address: Trg šeste ličke divizije 1, 11461 Beljina, Belgrade Serbia

Tel: +381 64 59018 58

E-mail: uros.vicentijevic@gmail.com