Royal Food

Royal Food is one of the biggest sales and distribution companies in B&H for FMCG. Company is operating from 6 main cities and 5 DCs, employs more than 220 employees, has a fleet of appx. 140 vehicles and serving more than 4.500 point of sales (POS). It possesses facilities and experience in distribution for diverse FMCG categories from chilled food, beverages, confectionary, to hygiene products.

We have long term business relations with several reputable companies (multinational, regional and domestic), namely: Colgate-Palmolive, Haribo, Vinarija Coka, Panasonic, Maspex, Melitta, Saray, Milkos, etc. We welcome potential FMCG companies to evaluate business possibilities for B&H market.


phone: + 387 33 638 890
+ 387 61 220 432