The company Regius is engaged in the production of dried fruits and vegetables, juice syrup, jams, ajvar, dried lemon and orange, bay leaf, and especially the healthy energy bomb Smokvenjak. We mostly produce the raw materials we use in production ourselves, and we procure the rest from our associates, local producers. We cooperate with many stores and small producers throughout BiH. We emphasize our cooperation with DM stores where you can find our product Dried Japanese Kaki Apple. We look forward to every new business collaboration and every satisfied customer. We use every criticism to improve our business and we strive to be better and of better quality.


Klepci b.b. 88300 Čapljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel./Fax.: 00 387 36 813 026

Mob: 00 387 63 406 647  Toni Falak

00 387 63 431 170 Ilija Falak


Facebook: Regius, Čapljina

Instagram: regius_capljina