OPG Jukić

About us

The seat of the family farm is in Posušje, Gornji Jukići 21, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA

We grow our plantations on the agro-technically thoroughly cultivated Herzegovinian karst, below the sunny slopes of Radovnje, on an area of 3 hectares. In addition to chokeberry and blackberry, we also grow laterally native varieties of walnuts Chandler and Fernor in intensive cultivation, as well as almond varieties fra Giulio Grande, Feragnese and Tuono. The first fruit we started growing was chokeberry and blackberry, over time we expanded the estate and planted walnuts and almonds. Our plantations cover an area of 3 hectares of cleared, excavated and milled forest land, very rich in humus and various medicinal substances and minerals. The land has never been treated with any chemicals in its past.

Production process

The process of growing berries, berries and nuts is time consuming. It is first necessary to thoroughly prepare the soil, make all soil analyzes, and enrich it with organic fertilizers and necessary ingredients, so that we can then plant seedlings, form crop rotation, and only then get quality and healthy fruit from it. In addition to all the effort, a lot of love should be invested, because plants, like any other living thing, require a lot of attention and love. Berries, berries and nuts have a wide range of possibilities of use – from consumption of fresh fruits, to the preparation of juices, wine, brandy, liqueurs, tinctures, teas, smoothies, compotes, salads, jams, marmalades and various other medicinal preparations.


We grow chokeberry, blackberry, walnuts and almonds on our plantations.



Aronia is an evergreen plant from the rose family (Rosacea), whose berries contain a real treasure trove of health. Aronia is very important for the prevention of heart disease and cancer, it is important for improving circulation, as well as for healthy blood vessels. It is used for eye health, prevention of diabetes and stomach problems, and as a remedy for colds.


Blackberries are rich in antioxidants that protect our body in many ways. Components such as phenolic acid, flavonoids and flavonols anthocyanins protect against many diseases caused by oxidative damage. Of particular importance are the antioxidants anthocyanosides which have almost incredibly positive health effects.


After it was discovered that only seven walnuts a day provide protection against heart disease, walnuts have been declared a super food. They are rich in antioxidants, and contain healthy fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. Research shows that regular consumption of walnuts can reduce the risk of heart disease, some forms of cancer and type 2 diabetes.


Almonds have an excellent effect on the health of the whole organism. They are a very good source of antioxidants and vitamin E, regulate blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, promote weight loss. Almonds are also recommended for the good functioning of the cerebral hemispheres and good mood.


Fruit and vegetable processing is a service that turns delicious seasonal fruits and vegetables into natural homemade juice. We process fruits and vegetables into natural juice on a juice production line made of the highest quality stainless steel, which meets all standards for hygiene and food safety EN 1672-2: 2005 + A1: 2009, from which we get top quality homemade juice and cold pressing system we retain the fullness of flavor and natural beneficial properties of fresh fruits and vegetables. Proven methods of cold pressing and pasteurization under controlled temperature ensure maximum quality and fullness of taste of domestic products.


Pasteurized juice is bottled in modern glass bottles with a volume of 0.2 l, 0.75 l or 1 liter.


The processing process includes the following: washing fruits and vegetables, grinding, cold pressing, pasteurization, sterilization of bottles, filling, closing and cooling, after which we get a completely natural, tasty and long-lasting fruit and vegetable juice.


Harvested products are stored in refrigeration chambers to preserve freshness and quality of fruits and vegetables.


Address: Gornji Jukići 21, 88240 Posušje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mob: +387 63 790 839

E-mail: info@opg-jukic.com