Mladen Perazić, PhD

Mr. Mladen Perazić, PhD in economic science, performs the duty of Director of Education and Quality Department since 2003 and Lecturer (Associated Professor) at University ‘’Mediteran’’ in Podgorica since 2012. He is continuously engaged in leading educational activities and coordinating the role of the economy in the process of reforming the national education system of Montenegro, drafting legal and by-laws in this area, implementing business education, international cooperation of the economy in the field of education development, implementation of new trends in human resources management, research trends in the field of the labor market, development of the quality management system, coordination of activities related to the promotion of the development of the quality system, etc.

Mladen Perazić worked as a project manager at TEMPUS DEVCORE; TEMPUS ECESM; TEMPUS Dellco; TEMPUS DEBUT; EEN – assistance to SMEs through the European Enterprise Network; Creation of the “Master’s Examination System in Montenegro” in cooperation with the WIFI Institute from Vienna. He is a member of the project teams of the MARDS, BLUEWBC, DUALMON (Erasmus + program/topic of higher education) projects.

He is the author of a number of publications related to the educational system in Montenegro and its reform in accordance with EU standards, the structure and nature of EU institutions, the negotiation process with the EU and the obligations undertaken by Montenegro, especially those related to system of education and professional education, career guidance and counseling and human resources development. He is the high representative of Montenegro in the EUREKA network and is the representative of Montenegro in the Advisory committee for vocational education and training of the European Commission. He is a member of the negotiating working groups for negotiations with the EU for Chapter 25 – Science and research, 26 – Education and culture and Chapter 7 Intellectual property rights. He is a member of the Committee for Economic Sciences, Demography and Anthropology of the Montenegrin Academy of Sciences and Arts and the Council for Accreditation, the Accreditation Body of Montenegro. As a scholar of foreign governments, he trained in the United Kingdom, Austria, Norway, Cyprus, etc.

M. Perazić was a member of the working group for the preparation of the report “Report on Referencing the MQF to the EQF”.

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