Mladegs Pak

Mladegs Pak is a producer of quality food products from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Every day, we struggle to deliver products of proven quality in your homes, made of naturally grown raw materials, from people who have been dealing with growing those raw materials all their life. Our goal is to connect households, enable employment for our neighbours and friends, and to create successful future together.

We currently employ over 200 workers, and our products can be found in over 20 countries around the world. Proud employees of Mladegs Pak together with the management take care of the quality and the complete production process of a rich assortment of food products on a daily basis. The product range consists of 350 different items, as well as two domestic brands, Bonito and Dominus. Thanks to the dedication of all our workers, the products we produce easily find their place in the market. Every day we take care to respect the highest world standards in food production.



phone: +387 51 647 620

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