JUST CUBE has emerged as a product of many years of experience and work based on the needs of small, medium and large enterprises and is closely specialized to provide complete support for business monitoring and decision-making. The overall goal of the JUST CUBE system is to organize and integrate all business processes in one place and enable quick and easy insight into all segments of your business, regardless the fact where your location is.

JUST CUBE ERP is a comprehensive innovative system that, applying modern php software solutions treats business processes in a way that stores all reference data, creates efficient registers, processes, interconnects, networks and as a result reports reports with objective and accurate data in real time. The system, in addition to all modules required for the operation of a company in accordance with the law, contains advanced solutions for entering all future events that the company will face, in the module calendar of activities, and contains visual notifications and warnings to indicate deadlines. events.

The goal of the implementation of the product itself is to improve the work of management and employees in the company, facilitate work with increased motivation, reduce the time required for individual work activities, and thus higher productivity of the worker who uses it.”


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