Lovo promet

“Lovo promet” company was founded in Nis in 1991 and it is specialized in food trade, both wholesale and retail. From its foundation until the end of 1993 the company operated with three employees, with a modest capital, a small storage space and a narrow range of goods. The new fish products and frozen fish were introduced in 1994, which has made the company “Lovo promet” recognizable on the market. In this way the material conditions were created for the further development and the increase of the business volume.

In the year 2000 a brand new office and storage space was put in work, stationary cold storage with the capacity of 1,000 tons was installed and vehicle fleet was enriched with vehicles specialized for transporting fish, processed fish and seafood. In the beginning “Lovo promet” imported fish only from Bulgaria and Russia. Building a dedicated space created the possibility of importing fish and seafood from all continents. Today ‘’Lovo promet’’ imports these goods from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco, Spain, Norway, Ireland, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Greece, USA, the Falkland Islands, Indonesia, China, Iceland, Belgium, Scotland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, etc. Constantly monitoring the market needs since 2002, “Lovo promet” has launched canned tuna, mackerel and sardines under its own brand – “Ocean Fish”.

The range has been extended not only to the field of fish specialties and fresh fish, but also to the field of frozen and canned vegetables, fruit, fries, frozen pastry and poultry.

Today ‘’Lovo promet’’ supplies more than 1,200 customers throughout Serbia.

In order to ensure that the consumers are confident in the safety of our products, and also to ensure that domestic and foreign partners are assured of our commitment to meet their demands, “Lovo promet” has introduced the system of management and quality according to the requirements of SRPS ISO 9001:2008 and the system of management of product safety CAC/RCA 1-1696, Rev. 4 (2003) SRPS ISO 22000:2007 (HACC). In “Lovo promet” retail stores the consumers have direct insight into the quality of our products, also the quality of our services and equipment is in accordance with the highest European standards. With 30 well-stocked fish markets, “Lovo promet” is the leader in Southeast and central Serbia. Thus our sales reached a level of almost 2,500 tons in 2009, with constant tendency of growth. This has created the need for the construction of modern cold storage with a storage capacity of approximately 2,500 tons and a static tunnel with capacity of 10 tons per day.

Importing fish and seafood from all parts of the world, branding and packing of fish, processed fish and seafood, as well as distributing under our own brand, represents the basis of many years of successful business in the region.

Our products are recognized on the market under the name “Ocean Fish” and ’’Sea and River Fish’’’.

“Lovo promet” wants to become an internationally recognized leader in the distribution of fish as well as processed fish and seafood, by dynamically developing, producing quality and consumer safe products, all according to the highest standards and requirements of all categories of consumers, with the modern marketing approach on the market.

Gifts of the sea on your table!


Address: Stevana Sinđelića 36, 18 211 Nis, Serbia
Phone: +381 18 4858 595
E-mail: office@lovopromet.rs