Loop is the most sophisticated digitalized HR platform (web & mobile) which provides unique support both for job seekers/individuals on their path of professional development and business owners/employers searching for new team members or wanting to develop current ones. Our objective is to become a centralized ecosystem for the entire spectrum of HR services, available on click. We aim to contribute to the development of innovative technologies for supporting the HR industry to increase the level of digital transformation and accommodativeness in the global market.

The greatest problems our platform is dealing with are:

  • Divided processes of job advertising and following HR activities – When a new employee is needed, company posts a job ad on one of the available platforms or hire an HR agency to conduct the process. To do that, a client needs to explore multiple sources online, obtain, and evaluate dozens of business proposals and again cooperate with different partners – advertising and recruitment agency
  • Limited resources for realization of the recruitment process – Companies do not have the necessary hr team for conducting the process or do not have finance for paying HR agencies. The biggest impact of this challenge is on SMO’s.
  • Inadequate applications and further difficulty in selection and pre-selection of applications.
  • Difficulty in finding, understanding and ordering assessments and training of employees/teams or research services.


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