Fish farm Laks Ltd. Mostar is producing and processing fish and fish fry. The main activity is farming and selling of these fish species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Red trout, Endemic species (Soft mouth trout) and Carp. The current capacity of the cage system is around 400 tons in year and we have our own fish fry. The fish production is in the cage system of breeding. We have  12 basins for hatching and  56 cages where we breeding the portion fish in our location in Salakovac. At our fish farm in Blagaj we have 36 concerete basins for hatching and  49 concerete basins for breeding to portion fish and at our fish farm in Malo Polje (3 kilometeres from Blagaj) we have 12  concerete basins for breeding of Carp and one ground for the Rainbow trout.

In order to make even bigger success and to become a significant producer of fish fry as well as the portion fish, our company keeps investing into production. Since 2008 the company owns a license and the exportation number to European Union. In order to increase our share in the market, and by wanting to offer our customers a high quality and safe products, we have certified ISO 9001:2015 and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point).



phone: +387 36 290 222

+387 61 143 212