Kosova Wine

The family based “Kosova Wine” Cellar is located in the south-east part of Rahovec, Kosovo, first and officially established back in 2011. Our cellar is equipped with modern technology tools for the production of both red and white wines and spirits. Since the owner of the winery, Fatmir Shehu is an Albanian-American, the winery of Kosova Wine is predominantly inspired by the North-American style of wineries such as the ones based in Napa, California, making our winery a unique place to be in Kosovo and the surrounding region. Kosova Wine, family based production winery is surrounded by vineyards where from the top of the winery you can see one of the most beautiful landscapes of the city of Rahovec and that of our vineyards, as well.

Our core values lie in the production of wines and spirits including those of our unique grape based Raki and Grape Juice. We are focused on quality over quantity since we are determined to preserve our long tradition of wine and raki production. Our family is well known for its vineyards and winemaking in general since a soil-based barrel was found deeply buried in our vineyards where the object is now built. Other old dishes and stone inscriptions of ancient Roman-Illyrian times were found in this area, too. These antique materials are over two thousand years old which goes to show that the wine was produced in our region, specifically in the area of our family vineyards’ since the ancient times.

Kosova Wine possesses a facility with an area of ​​2150 m², divided into four separate floors where each floor is designed to neatly serve for specific purposes, such as, the main floor which serves for wine production purposes whereas, the fourth one is designed to serve as an office based space. More importantly, the roof-top is truly made for visitors and tourists that are passionate about pictures, videos and selfies with the view of Rahovec and that of our vineyards.

Moreover, Kosova Wine cellar is equipped with the latest technology for the selection of grapes in the grape acceptance section, that of the grape processing and wine and brandy section making our cellar one of the most modern driven wineries in the region with its winemaking and wine production tools and materials that are in line with the European and North American standards.


Phone number: +383 44 255 162; +383 49 999 901

E-mail: kosovawine@live.com

Web: kosova.wine
Address: Vëllezërit Haradinaj Street, no number, Rahovec, 21000
Wine Region: Rahovec, Kosovo