Our program is a financial infrastructure for payments through mobile phones. Klik is a place for all social interactions and a place for easy and fast payments and depositing money.

We have identified the following problems:
Today a very small number of legal entities have the opportunity to sell goods and services online. This is especially important for small businesses for which it is very expensive and complicated to start with the process of online sales.

Consumers do not have enough trust in the process of shopping online.

Klik is a unique infrastructure that allows mobile phones to become digital wallets.

Advanced mbanking model for mobile wallet payments.

Through our application, legal entities will be able to create mini-showcases using our plugins and present their products and services to the users. During “COVID19” this solution means that there is no delay in the daily lives of people.

Using our corporate infrastructure, business users can charge for their products and services directly from users

The problem with existing social media is the way they store the data of their users. In our application, data privacy is guaranteed. Our solution respects the complete regulations of the financial system of the Republic of Serbia. Our partner is IPay, which has all the necessary licenses of the National Bank of the Republic of Serbia. This kind of infrastructure will start a new wave of innovations, with solutions that they have not been able to do so far.



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