Food safety management system application
HaccApp is an application that has the function of making it easier for food business operators to manage the food safety system through electronic records and monitoring of parameters that have been identified to affect food safety in a particular process.

What is its significance?
Easier for production workers to record the data monitored in the food safety system ;
The application reminds workers when it is necessary to check a certain control point in the process, by applying QR codes;
The data are automatically stored in the forms that are related to a certain control point in the process;
Real-time data logging (often in the process, the workers forget to record the specified parameter at a certain time either out of different reasons);
The application automates part of the process via thermometers (temperature results of the device are sent the data to the database);
The monitoring process (monitoring is a very important segment of food safety, and it is performed by a person who is an expert in the field of food safety. The timely reaction of the competent person is very important for the prevention of major problems);

Currently in BiH there is no application that works on this principle as this area is not covered with this type of product / service at all.”


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