Jelena Vasić PhD

Jelena Vasić holds a PhD from the Faculty of Economics, University of Nis, Macroeconomics module and completed master’s studies at the Faculty of Economy and Business, University of Belgrade, Corporate Governance, and financial markets.

Ms. Vasić is accomplished professional with more than 15 years’ experience in economic analysis and highly experienced in data definition and collection; monitoring and preparation of various written outputs (market analysis, sectoral analysis on state of competition, foreign trade analytics and research, macroeconomic analysis, analytical notes, reports etc.). She works on research papers within regional and municipalities economic fields. Over the years, she has actively contributed to a wide range of project activities, as well as specialized research activities tailored to facilitate market development.

Before joining the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, Ms. Vasić worked at the Foreign Trade Research Institute and Advise commerce sector in Serbia about customs related topics (GIZ), as well as activities within Serbian Ministries, International Trade Center, UNECE, OECD, IFC and other institutions.

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