In order to contribute to improving the quality of life, preserving the environment and improving the infrastructure in our country and the region, intensive cooperation has been started with a group of enthusiasts (professors/researchers from a top higher education institution and IT experts). The solution enables unification of many stakeholders from the electromobility ecosystem in one place: power suppliers, renewable sources, owners of chargers for electric vehicles, owners of electric vehicles, and EV chargers’ manufacturers.

What defers our platform is the ability to integrate chargers from different manufacturers into one management system. In this way, the owners of chargers will be able to monitor the status and manage all their chargers from one place/on one screen.

To the owners of renewable energy sources, the platform will provide an interface for monitoring the state of the power sources they own, to generate report about the amount of energy produced and consumed, the amount of energy sold, to define the price for selling the energy. Definitely, this solution will allow owners of renewable energy sources to sell excess energy produced.

Our solution will stimulate investments in the field of renewable energy sources and their use to power the EV chargers. In this way, the need for production of electricity from fossil fuels will be indirectly reduced, as well as the emission of glasshouse gases.


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