IMV Bitola

IMV – Industry for Milk Velkovski from Bitola started producing dairy products under the Vemilk brand in 2017. It is located in the village of Kravari, at the foot of Baba Mountain, in the milkiest region – Pelagonija.

In a building of 2100m2, built according to the latest standards and equipped with the most modern technological equipment, standardized, safe dairy products are produced daily.

White brine cheese, yellow cheese, whipped cheese, and cottage cheese are products that in a very short time became recognizable on the market, won the taste of buyers, and were rewarded with their trust. Our range expands with the production of fresh milk, several types of yogurt and sour milk products, so we believe that our consumers will be even happier to enrich their table with quality products. Enjoy with Vemilk!




phone:                 +389 77 0 307 504