Grand Foods Corporation is an entirely Macedonian investment in the food industry which started operating in November 2015. Specializing in the production of croissants, this privately held company was founded by professionals with distinguished knowledge and experience active in the sales and distribution channels in the Macedonian market for 30 years known as GRAND-EKSPORT Skopje.

The 4000m2 manufacturing complex was built in a year and it is located in Marino industrial zone, in the municipality of Ilinden. The factory has an ideal geographical location. It is situated 15km from the city center in Skopje and 2km from the highway Skopje-Gevgelija and the railway line with the same route of the Pan-European Corridor 10. Alexander the Great Airport is located only 5km away. This complex is the central place for the production of the rich assortment of croissants included in Grand Foods Corporation portfolio.

The latest generation technology, machinery and equipment of the most famous German, Italian and Swiss manufacturers were installed in the factory. The entire production process is automated. Thanks to the best cutting-edge manufacturing equipment in the entire Macedonian food and confectionery industry and thanks to the use of original recipes and flavors easily recognizable by the customers, the production is not only domestic-market-oriented but also export-oriented. By establishing high professional standards in terms of trade and distribution, Grand Foods Corporation aims at becoming a market leader in Southeast Europe within the shortest possible time.

The factory is designed with developmental parameters for rapid growth, the recipes and the ingredients, on the other hand, have Belgian and French origin, countries which are famous for their tradition in making the best croissants. Taking into consideration all these features, the aim to achieve a leading market position in terms of quality, productivity and work efficiency not only in the Balkans but in Europe and beyond is acquiring a real dimension. The automation of the entire manufacturing process allows saving of the resources and ensures product consistency. With optimal use of the cutting-edge technology and equipment the production increases and thereby the time and costs invested in it simultaneously decrease. Grand Foods Corporation`s long term goal is meeting the needs and expectations of the addressed consumers and customers. Therefore, the company in the future will evaluate and implement every new manufacturing, sales and business-oriented procedure and innovation that will show some potential.

The vision of Grand Foods Corporation is production of food products with the highest possible quality. An extremely important component of this process are the employees whose permanent professional training, personal development, motivation and self-realization contribute to the overall success of the company.

Guided by the belief in the power of different perspectives, the factory offers open positions in different fields, for both beginners and experienced professionals. There are 90 technologists, engineers, economists and skilled people from various professions currently employed at Grand Foods Corporation and their number is constantly increasing. Before they become a part of the team, the professionals participate in a training which prepares them to achieve top results in the field and gives them an opportunity to learn more about the company`s corporate culture.

One of the key guiding rules of the company is quality production in a safe environment. Modern building materials that ensure energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact have been used during the construction of the manufacturing complex. The cutting-edge equipment and technology guarantee safe production and meet the highest environmental standards for cleaner and healthier habitat and natural environment stipulated and implemented by the European Union. The factory owns an integrated environmental permit issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning which ensures adherence to strict regulations and instructions for the food and confectionary industry. The HACCP System for food safety, HALAL and IFS standards, as well as the standards required for export in the Russian Federation have been implemented in the factory.


Subsidiary Grand Foods Corporation

Address: ul. 532  No.150  Marino - 1041 Ilinden, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

Tel:         +389 (0) 2 615 1000

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