FItKit is the very first fitness mobile app in North Macedonia that offers more than 150 fitness and wellness locations, and covers 14 cities. It is available in three languages. The mobile application eliminates the element of excuses related to limited time, space and variety. People are able to do the activity they like to do, at a location convenient for them, online from their homes, individually or with the people available during the same time-period. FitKit’s revenue comes from the sale of monthly memberships which people use to attend fitness classes, spas, get massages, and more. The Company has been generating revenues for two years and has experienced growth without the support of any institution and outside investors even in the COVID-19 world.

Currently, the following services are provided with 40% average margin of revenue:

  1. B2C – subscriptions and credits sold direct-to-consumer that can be used to attend classes in any studio or online platform
  2. B2B – subscriptions and credits to SMEs and Corporates who pass on FitKit benefits to their employees
  3. B2B2C –subscriptions and credits to SMEs and Corporates which they use as added value for their services and/or products.

Compared to the competition (sport master in North Macedonia, and multisport in Bulgaria), FitKit offers various available pricing models, personalized approach, convenience, wider range of activities and locations.”


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