The company offers online offer of superfoods, organically grown cereals, legumes, fruits, oils and sweeteners. Import and distribution of food for specialty stores, online sales for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

FAN-Commerce was founded in 1991, for the purpose of importing and distributing goods. It is a family owned and run company with 12 employees.
FAN-Commerce is a dynamic and highly flexible company with ability to adapt to the changes and needs of the market. We started with importing and distributing products for the industrial market. Textiles and fast moving consumer goods were in focus in the early 2000s. After 2010 the market was shifting again, the basic needs of the consumers were sufficiently met and there was a need for higher quality and more complex goods.

We identified the need for healthy and organic foods, so started importing and distributing superfood and organic dry food.

As the business grew FAN-Commerce created its own brand BIOfan and went on to become the first Bosnian company to get an organic certificate.
Today BIOfan is the best known organic brand in Bosnia.


Address: Branilaca Bosne 49, 71300 Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387-32735159