“EUROMETAL” SH.P.K. was founded in 1997 as a manufacturing enterprise of metal products. The owner of the company is Mr. Njazi Musliu. Since the beginning of the activity, the company has been involved in the production of metal products, such as vertical/horizontal gutters, snow guards, exits, etc. Later, the enterprise expanded and engaged work teams who carried out the assembly of manufactured materials. The company started the activity with only two workers, with the claim of growth, where it also happened with the opening of the production department. Now our company has about 101 full-time employees. The workers are divided based on the hierarchy that the company has developed based on the needs, where the workers are distributed across the production lines, as well as the assembly teams that perform the services in the field. Also, the company has a professional staff of mechanical engineers, construction, and architect graduates.
We have about 25 years of experience on the market with 110 total employ and more than 200 finished projects.
Our mission is within three years, we intend to multiply our production capacities, and direct our work towards the countries of the European Union and other continents.
Our vision is to be a leader in the production and distribution of high-quality, value-added products and services for the construction industry.
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phone: +383 49 42 60 60

address: Babushi i Ri – Ferizaj