Easy Albania

The global pandemic transformed the online buying habits of the customers and businesses had to follow the trend and evolve immediately. Many businesses didn’t have the know-how or they lacked the experience to transform their brick and mortar shop into an online shop. Easy Albania’s idea was conceived during the pandemic with the goal to offer a global power platform and help simultaneously businesses wanting to increase their sales and as well customers by offering them simplicity and ease during their online shopping. Easy Albania created a unique platform that combines thousands of products from several categories (dynamic categories that are shaped based on trends and customer interests), with professional services that are managed from our customer support team, ex. an electrician, a customer having an electric problem in his house makes a call and our support team finds the electrician and send him to the customer’s address. This concept is completely new in Albania and the need for professional services that are actually reliable is at increase.

Easy Albania primary goal is to head to the top of online sales of the region and be the go-to platform for online shopping and professional services.

Our business app is spread into three platforms: web app, iOS mobile app and Android mobile App, making it accessible on the go for its customers.


Tirane Kashar YZBERISH Rruga Migjeni,
Zona Kadastrale 3866

+355 69 220 1190