Dukat d.o.o. mill and bakery Jelah – Tešanj has existed since 1989 as a private company.

As part of the company’s own business premises, mill plants for grinding wheat and corn were installed, and the registration of activities was extended to the production of mill and bakery products. By activating the installed plants, the production of mill products from wheat and corn becomes the main activity. After the change of the main activity, the company changed its name, so since June 1997 it has been operating under the name Dukat mill and bakery Jelah – Tešanj. By the end of 1997, the bakery equipment was installed and its own bakery production was started.

Continuing the dynamic development, in 2005 Dukat started preparing the project for the construction of new mill capacities. During 2006, a completely new mill facility was built with over 2000 m2 of usable area. At the beginning of 2007, the installation of modern equipment of the new Dukat mill and the construction of the second phase of the grain silo were completed.

Today, Dukat is highly positioned, and is among the 5 leading grain processing companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Dukat production program:

Wheat processing mill with a capacity of 180 tons per day
Bakery with a capacity of 12,000 pieces of bread per day


web: https://dukat.co.ba/
phone +387 32 663-195; +387 32 663-753
email:info@dukat.co.ba; dukat@bih.net.ba