dm-drogerie markt Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, dm was established in 2005, and the first dm store in Bosnia and Herzegovina opened in June 2006 in the part of Sarajevo called Dobrinja. Today, dm is represented throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina with 82 stores that are set up according to high dm standards. It is part of the most successful drugstore group existing in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia and Austria, which is the center of the group.

dm lives its philosophy “Here I am human, here I shop” through a wide range of products of the highest quality, competent and friendly staff and the best availability for its customers.

It is recognized as an employer that offers a safe workplace, which was confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last survey conducted by the portal in 2021. Among the 500 nominated companies, dm was voted the most desirable employer in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the winner in three categories: the overall ranking, retail, but also in a special category, the Most Inclusive Employer, which was introduced this year.


Address: Lužansko polje 40b, Ilidža 71210, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: 00 387 33 778-300