What is Deversity:

  • In the modern days having a digital presence is a must. Most businesses struggle to develop the right solution.
  • DEVersity has three aims: to offer the best and most diverse range of software solutions and consulting expertise for businesses, to help them develop and improve their product and customer relations, by creating an outstanding working environment in which the most talented individuals can thrive.
  • DEVersity is an Expert cluster, specialized in digital transformation, software development & architecture and product development, based on extensive research and deep understanding of the business, customer, and their environment.

Our Ethos:

  • We have 50 talented people with experience in various fields and industries.
  • We are proud that our team is 50% female, in the industry where the average is 25%.
  • We believe that effective collaboration between specialized professionals is the right way to implement software & business solutions, which generate results!
  • Our team consists of highly skilled and capable engineers, managers, coaches & consultants with strong foundations in respective fields, and they’re always eager to take on the next challenge.
  • When it comes to creativity, we’re proud to boast talented in-house artists whose designs will shape your customer’s tomorrow.
  • We believe that communication and mutual trust is the key to building successful relationships with clients & partners, which is why we’re fluent and savvy in communication.
  • We’re ready to respond at all times and keen to keep clients & partners engaged and up to date on a project’s status and progress.
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Name & Surname: Petar Donic
Phone: +381 63 694 585