Product Description: Cube is a brand new smart wallet concept based on patented technology that overcomes any shortcomings of existing market models. Small in size, large in accommodation, extremely appealing in design and made of high quality materials with an original modular concept for smart modules above, it is a real revolution in the market. A special segment of quality is the extreme resistance of the wallet to all kinds of external influences, which makes it practically unbearable. Special neodymium magnets, in addition to significant locking, provide complete protection against the theft of personal data from payment cards, without having any negative effect on the cards. The ability to upgrade with removable smart modules makes it unique in the world, while the Cube is also the world’s first bulletproof wallett.. Smart springs: Resin-impregnated thermal plastics restore the wallet to its original position.

Cube4U – multi-functional smart wallet that offers completely new way of handling cash and cards based on a revolutionary Cube42 patented technology that overcomes the flaws of already existing models. It means- protection, power and precision – all in on wallet. Cube4U is ideal for securing all your cards, protecting your data, privacy and safeguarding your valuables. Cube is designed to overcome all existing shortcomings of market models, does not deform, is indestructible, has RFID protection….


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