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Most of the companies that are engaged in production of construction products do not have their own factory production control which questions their quality. With the entry into force of the Law on Construction Products of June 2015, the producers are obliged to control the production and accordingly issue a Declaration of Conformity related to consumer rights protection. However, due to insufficient experience, competence, equipment and resources for most of the enterprises, the control of production is largely unknown which can be of direct harm to consumers, the infrastructure system and the health and safety of citizens as well as the producer itself. The SPC (Smart Production Control) is an application that represents a set of processes through which the factory production of concrete and aggregates is monitored and analyzed.

The user will have access to all processes, procedures, manuals, templates and records that are normative to the standard used by the manufacturer. One of the key advantages of SPC is the automated processing of product test results that produce detailed, daily, monthly and annual reports that manufacturers without the software have to manually produce, thus wasting time, finances and resources.

The software will alert the user to any critical change in the quality of products and their compliance with the standards they are certified to, but will also serve as a step-by-step guide to the factory production control system.


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