Communication Progress

“IMPRO, an authentic solution by Communication Progress, is part of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) products family and is designed to administer within a single platform, the work processes, information and the people, within an organization. IMPRO automates work processes, centralizes information, ensuring its uniqueness and accuracy, and improves the speed of communication at all levels of the organization.

Thanks to its intra-modular structure, IMPRO addresses traditional business functionalities, such as, CRM; Finance and Accounting; Cost-Management Accounting; HR Management and Pay-roll, Activity Management; Procurement; Administration of the Warehouse; Planning and Control Production; Sales, etc., but also modern management functionalities such as, Electronic Marketing Campaigns; Project Management; Vehicle Management; Documentation Management; Business Process Modification; Social Media and Collaboration; Mobile Interfaces; etc.

Currently, IMPRO is the only Albanian software solution, capable to accommodate the combination and integration of standard and specific activities in a single system, which:

  • Speaks Albanian, thus the primary language it uses is Albanian and secondary language is English;
  • Comes fully adapted to national accounting standards, taxation and labor code;
  • Incorporates the best practices in business operating in Western Europe.
  • It is already a mature product with a significant base of customers that operate in several different industries”


Rr. “Stanislav Zuber”, Nd. 2,
H.19. Njesia administrative Nr. 7, 1023, Tirane

+355 674042416
+355 4 2413901

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