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Digitization of business processes is a major issue today, however, most SMEs are still underdeveloped and non-digitalized, especially in SEE countries where, despite great propaganda, many companies still operate according to traditionally established systems. Proventum enables simple and fast digitalization of companies (from 10-15 working days).

Currently, there is no system to this extent integrated and standardized with the included implementation of EU standards and international accounting standards and bound from the moment of document entry to its records in balance sheets, tax returns and other reports. Proventum is the right solution for SMEs because it allows them to automate and digitize all business processes quickly and easily with one innovative and unique mobile and web application.

With Proventum SMEs “”on click”” they have an e-archive, receive and create invoices, generate mandatory forms and create all types of mandatory forms in accordance with the requirements of local regulations. At any given time, companies have different types of reports on click, the preparation of which in real time requires a lot of time and knowledge, such as: balance sheet, income statement, analytical cards, specifications, etc. Compared to existing applications, Proventum replaces most of the accountant’s responsibilities, provides digital data on the cloud on a tablet, computer, phone, performs operations and communicates without physical contact at any time.


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