The metal-processing giant BRAKO was founded in 1947 in Veles, R. Macedonia.

In 2003, the BRAKO company was privatized and started with a new and modern way of working with continuous investments in the modernization of machinery and infrastructure facilities.

In all its production units, BRAKO has been creating quality for 20 years which has built trust all over the world.

The wire products of BRAKO, products from the Medical Program, from the Department of Metal Constructions, the most ecological and sophisticated vehicles for maintaining hygiene in outdoor areas, the attractive “Green Machines” have grown into recognizable brands for their quality and wide range.

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Name of the company: BRAKO

Name of the contact person:

Pero Kolev

Director Heavy Welded

Metal Constructions

Mobile:    +389 78 243 128
Tel:             +389 43 21 25 60