About the IT solution: Blinking Identify is a digital identity platform built with a ‘privacy by design’ approach and principles. It is a multi-platform software solution designed for the creation, confirmation, and management of users’ identities. Organizations relying on our platform receive a reliable, safe, and easy way of confirming their users’ identity, while their end-users retain ownership and control of their own private data.

Which problem solves our service: Blinking Identify platform is our standalone SaaS ID solution built to drastically reduce drop-offs, enable remote customer onboarding or user registration and scale down customer acquisition time. It provides essential tools to introduce new customers to services and products while preventing fraud and identity theft. Blinking has been selected, among others, by AIK Bank to provide identity document verification, face biometrics and liveness detection. The partnership makes AIK Bank the first fully digital bank in Serbia, according to the announcement, and provides identity verification for customer onboarding within 7 minutes. Contract signing in 2 minutes upon ID verification, 32 minutes for credit refinancing – from offer acceptance to new refinance credit contract. Bank employee count drastically reduced with only 2 certified video operators and 5 bank officers in digital branch. This completely disrupts current financial institution business models and brings operational cost reduction.


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