Biomarel Shitake

BIOMAREL – doo – Bitola is the largest farm for producing mushrooms “Shiitake” in Macedonia.

Farm exists since 2002. Stationed at the foot of Baba Mountain in environmentally clean region. (near the National Park “Pelister”).

Mushroom SHIITAKE – SAMURAII- dehydrates on low temperature (contains all the useful ingredients as fresh). Lentinula edodes, a mushroom from the Far East, with excellent refined and rich flavor, high in protein, vitamins, amino acids, dietary fiber and minerals.The production of SHIITAKE SAMURAII does not include chemical protective equipment.

It has great nutritive value, few calories and almost no fat. Medical effects reflected in anticancer and antiviral effects are due to polysaccharides.

APPROVED by RZZZ – Skopje – No. 6586/04 APPROVED by PUBLIC HEALTH CENTER – Bitola – No 02358/09


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