Bingo ltd

Bingo Ltd. Tuzla was founded in 1993 and since then it has achieved great success in its primary activity – trade. In addition to trade, within our group we have several other activities and industries (detergents and household products industry, production of flips, chips and other snacks, egg production, broiler chicken production, pasta production, spice and soup production, textile industry, furniture industry , production of stationery, breweries, production of gravel, and production and use of renewable energy sources). We have also greatly improved our business in the hospitality industry, because in each of our larger centers we have a restaurant with a pleasant ambiance and rich content. In addition, modern shopping malls have become a new direction of our business. We currently have seven shopping centers, namely Bingo City Center Tuzla, Bingo City Center Sarajevo, Alta shopping center, Shopping center Otoka, Retail park Derventa, Park & Shop Čitluk, Shopping center Bihać.


Address: Bosanska poljana bb, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tel: +387 35 368 900