In the modern times the indicators of a good property have changed from size and location to actual human needs depending of the stage they are in their life, and facilities they need to be conform their needs, desires, lifestyles, habits, health, etc.


  1. There is little to no real transparency on the offer, allowing for the market to be informal in certain cases.
  2. There is no central platform that can server as a search engine and can collect and analyze the properties available from different Real Estate Agencies and individuals who sell or give their properties for rent. People must dive into never ending internet sites which makes for a frustrating experience.
  3. Factors as life stage, personal needs, proximities, routines, habits, health, etc… in most cases are not taken into consideration.
  4. Property owners have no way of knowing the impact of investing in the right upgrades for the properties they are selling.


  1. We use machine learning to get intelligence from comparable properties and identify the cost impact of the property features.
  2. Our solution collects publicly available data from real estate, agencies, newspapers, craig lists, etc… and points out differences and overvalued elements.
  3. The solution will evolve to consider the life stage of a customer (Student, Young professionals, young families, etc..)
  4. By analyzing the data we collect, we can define and suggest the investments that have the biggest impact on te property value.

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