Atfield Technologies

Winegrowing is an important agricultural discipline that is a basis for a $400B wine industry. It is a high risk and high gain activity with long ROI periods. Therefore, the sustainability and the longevity of the investments are coupled with the need for maximisation of quality and outcomes from season to season. We provide a digital solution for the efficient vineyard management. The solution itself is a combination of a dense sensor network that is capable of tapping into any corner of a vineyard that feeds data into a family of AI powered algorithms for growth indexes, disease predictions and quality estimates that are fully trained for the locality and a varietal and as a whole enable a complete solution of the problem.

User interface is in the form of a mobile app and is being constantly improved. We empower winegrowers to act only when needed and create a direct impact on all the resources used during the season. This is especially important for the use of water and spraying demands within often remote and disperse sites. Spot intervention, based on our dense sensing technology is made now possible with direct improvements of overall estate and operation costs and sustainably. Unlike most other competitors, that produce weather stations and focus on the weather parameters, our unique approach on the dense measurements and a full microsite support with a fully blown suite of algorithmic tools create a vineyard analytics platform for the future winegrower.

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