Apetit Group

Apetit LLC has been established since 1983, starting with its primary activity, marketing of beef and meat products. At this time the company, among the few in the country, achieves the epithet for quality and unique products that will later become part of the traditional culture in the country and beyond.

With the beginning of the new millennium, Apetit LLC achieves the objective of being the largest producer in the Kosovo market. What underlies the foundations of this success, is the careful selection of meat for production, investment in the latest technology and especially the maximum hygienic care in preserving the values ​​of the product. (Licensed by HACCP)

Committed to food quality and safety, Apetit LLC is constantly investing in new technologies and ideas in order to implement European norms and standards. Our products are guaranteed and inspected at the highest level by the professional staff who do the complete supervision and care from the beginning of production to the placement for consumption through our points of sale and network of markets throughout the country.

Apetit LLC owns its 087KS slaughterhouse licensed by the relevant institution, then the meat processing industry and warehouse. This chain, from the slaughter of live animals that is absolutely done respecting the HALLALL and HACCP norms until the finalization of the product, leaves nothing to be desired in terms of the values ​​of meat and its products.

Apetit LLC, also cooperates with prestigious international companies, importing among others beef, chicken, and fish, which products are stored in the factory and then supplied to markets according to consumer demand. Particular attention is paid to the import of these products, which must be equipped with adequate certificates according to EU standards.


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Phone: +383 49 419 139

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